Speaker Coaching

John’s Speaker Training: From Stage Fright to Stage Famous

 This training course is to help develop the skill of overcoming the fear of public speaking and sharpen your talents of presenting. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this course will provide the strategies and steps to mastering the stage and captivating your audience.

Who is this course for?


Beginners who want to learn how to present from the stage

New Language skills

Those Who Fear Public Speaking


What Will You Learn?

How to Find Your Message/Presentation

The Process To Develop Your Message/Presentation

How to Include Your Audience in Your Message/Presentation

How To Make Sure Your Audience Has Takeaways from Your Message/Presentation

What Are They Saying?

Dr. Ruben West: “John has the unique ability to motivate, inspire and entertain.”

Les Brown:

“John McClung has faith. He believes in himself, humanity and the opportunities afforded to him to make a difference. His experience and sphere of influence is a testament to how he consistently gives and follows a process to be part of the solution in life.”

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